Logistics and Fintech exploratory paper

Logistics and Fintech exploratory paper

New Technology on their way to new Markets

Dinalog and Holland Fintech collaborate on innovation in an ambitious program: Logistics
and Fintech. Together with several parties we aim to share knowledge and seek collaboration
throughout the logistics value chain. For sustainable, collective solutions that support the
continued development and application of Fintech in logistics.


  • The world is changing at a rapid pace due to increased use of technology, changes in
    consumer behaviour, evolving regulations, and more.
  • All industries will see competitive upheavals as innovations become increasingly
    exponential. Logistics is expected to be one of the next industries that will experience this.
  • The logistics sector is of enormous economic importance to the Netherlands.
    EUR 55 billion is generated annually and 813,000 individuals are employed in the sector.
  • The Netherlands aims to become the world’s best logistics sector by 2020.

This study explores the ongoing innovation of financial processes in the logistics industry,
also known as financial technology (Fintech) solutions. This study seeks to illustrate where
the two domains of Logistics and Fintech meet, addressing recent developments and
subsequently identify the most relevant opportunities for both markets. Hereby, market insights
were based on in-depth interviews with the several organizations among which TransDocLink!

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