TransDocLink nominated for the Orange Trade Mission Fund

TransDocLink nominated for the Orange Trade Mission Fund

Friday, November 7, TransDocLink has participated in the contest to join the Orange Trade Mission. Together with the Dutch Minister of foreign affairs, ING, KLM and MKB Nederland trade missions are organised to support promising entrepreneurs & companies in engaging with international trade. TransDocLink has been selected to join this competition. TransDocLink did not end up with the last 10 winners but the selection on its own speaks for itself.

Each year the Orange Trade Mission Fund helps 10 entrepreneurs with their entrance into a new foreign market.

The Orange Trade Mission Fund offers entrepreneurs the chance to make their international plans concrete. The stories and experience of these 10 winners can also help and inspire younger generation of entrepreneurs with their export ambitions. Trade is of great importance to the Dutch economy and stimulating export is therefore beneficial for The Netherlands. By helping 10 and inspiring others, the founding partners want to contribute to economic growth in the future.

The Dutch Royal family also plays an important role when it comes to facilitating international trade. The coronation of the new Dutch king and queen on the 30th of April 2013 was therefore a decisive moment for the founding partners to join efforts and create the Orange Trade Mission Fund.


The winners are selected after a meticulous process based on their ambitions, innovation, their stories and entrepreneurship. The Fund believes that with the support of the partners, ING, KLM, MKB Nederland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, these companies have a shot at actually entering new markets successfully.