• Have the perfect alternative for your L/C
    Transparent, Safe & Intuitive
  • Making International Business Quick, Secure and Easy
    Efficiency in Trade
  • A platform to agree and arrange import and export
    Safe & Convenient
  • Provide you with new sourcing options
    New Markets & Opportunities

Trusted partner

TransDocLink is your trusted partner in trade providing you with the means to process & settle all your trade related activities.

Perfect L/C alternative

Our platform with its workflow support , document handling & payment engine enables you to agree upon a specific payment schedule per trade transaction.


The agreed schedule is processed & settled, triggered by logistical events which are captured from port authorities & logistical service providers.


TransDocLink significantly improves your risk – reward trade-off decision making, providing you ultimately with secure, cost effective high quality trade transactions.


TransDocLink delivers on-line payment & cash management capabilities in combination with logistical tracking & service provisioning, enabling our clients to engage in safe, simple & cost efficient trade transactions. Maximum transparency of progress, costs & risks to support modern fact based decision making.


New options


Whether you are on-line or off-line

  • Provide you with new sourcing opportunities
  • Expand your business by lowering the trade barriers
  • Engage with new business partners
  • Handle your B2B payments & conditional payments Trade transactions on your terms, in real-time, anywhere, any time
  • Without excessive fees, loss of data or risk of non-delivery of cargo


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